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Powder Metal Materials Blending

A Competitive Advantage from Start to Finish

The majority of the industry buys pre-blend powder materials, which account for about 70% of the North American powder market. Keystone is one company with the materials engineers and processing expertise to enable complete in-house blending.

We start the process by using elemental metal powders, with each lot certified by our world-renowned suppliers. To maintain uniformity, we manufacture all of our material blends in the St. Marys, PA facility and ship them to our other locations.

By blending our own materials, we can better control the composition and purity of the metal powder, leading to several advantages:

  • Compared to a commercially available conventional blend, our version of the same alloy holds a much tighter size tolerance, with better lot-to-lot consistency.
  • With the expertise we gain using our well-regulated metal blends, we can implement special processing instructions and have finer control over process results.  
  • We can also make proprietary grades that provide unique properties for some of our principal applications.

Together, these advantages can reduce or eliminate inefficient machining steps that other companies would require. For high-volume products, this turns into significant savings in time and expense.

These benefits also matter in a broader sense because they help us deliver exceptional value to customers. Our manufacturing capabilities produce stronger, higher quality parts—to specification—with less downtime for setup adjustments, and at lower cost.

For more details about how our expert powdered metal material blending will improve your product lines, contact a Keystone sales representative today.