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Industrial Automation Engineering

Setting the Future in Motion

Throughout our history, we have held the position of automation innovators for the powdered metal industry. From the early days of Keystone—and continuing today—whenever a necessary technology was unavailable, we set out to create it.

In developing new industrial automation capabilities, our motivation is to stay true to our purpose: doing what is right to serve the customer. In some cases, automation projects come from direct customer requests. The goal is always continuous improvement: to provide a more capable, efficient, or cost-effective operation.

Some of our achievements include:

  • Machining stations
  • Multiple-coil induction heat treating units 
  • Presses, from 3 ton to 1,650 ton CNC
  • Secondary equipment
  • Sintering furnaces

Although we emphasize customer satisfaction, we remain aware of the potential effects of industrial automation on our employees. We view automation equipment as a way to raise the ability level of our company and the communities we belong to.

Keystone's commitment to automation engineering helps us streamline production and reduce labor costs, providing our customers higher-quality, lower-cost parts. Contact us for more information about our industrial automation engineering capabilities. Our talented, enthusiastic team is ready to make an impact for you.