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Powder Metal Innovations

Turning the Impossible Into the New Benchmark

We define ourselves as the leading edge of PM technology, and we work every day to justify that title. Innovation is an essential piece of Keystone culture because it directly relates to our fundamental principle: doing what is best to serve our customers.

When we believe in a new idea, we never wonder whether it is possible. Instead, we commit to making it a reality.

This outlook, combined with a disciplined amount of measured risk, has expanded both our capabilities and the importance of powdered metal in manufacturing.

The results are clear with Keystone pioneering:

  • Proprietary material blends offer tighter dimensional control
  • Production processes produce near full density high-strength metal parts
  • Delivery of finished system assemblies adds value
  • Exclusive automation equipment adds process efficiency
  • 100% inline testing processes assures product quality and performance
  • Automated shop-floor machining reduces cost
  • In-house tooling design and manufacture improves responsiveness and process control
  • Custom press design and construction, including our own 1,650 ton CNC press, provide increased capabilities

We have witnessed material systems innovations lead to advanced processing abilities, which in turn open new product markets. In the same way, we spread our culture of innovation by encouraging every generation at Keystone to see the current state-of-the-art as only a starting point. By empowering young engineers to tackle new challenges, and giving them the support they need to succeed, we secure our future as the company that will always provide unmatched service and quality for customers.

Contact us for new ways to improve your production through powder metal innovations. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.


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