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Engineering Support

Strong Parts, Serious Partners

We always take the opportunity to help a customer. Whether it is to produce a brand new part or to solve a performance issue for a part made in another process, our experienced group will provide the engineering support to figure out the details. If a part can be made using powdered metal, we are up for the challenge of finding the perfect design for it.

Our support services, performed in-house, entail:


When a customer comes to us, we look to optimize the part design for powdered metal manufacture. The depth of our experience enables us to determine the most efficient, cost effective design that meets the requirements.


Once we have an initial design, we create a model for it, performing Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to detect and make modifications to address any potential problems.


We have the capability to build a sample from prototype tooling or to machine a prototype for extensive testing.


Employing destructive and nondestructive methods, we can perform impact/cold impact testing, bending fatigue testing, rolling contact fatigue testing, and validation testing.

Failure Analysis

When necessary, we conduct failure analysis to determine any design or process improvements.

We understand that customers may have limited knowledge about designing products for powdered metal. With our comprehensive engineering support, we look to save time, worry, and cost. We also strive to provide one expert source that customers feel comfortable with and confident in.

Whether you have a detailed print or just a sketch of general features for your part, speak with our engineers to define a plan, identify trouble areas, and optimize the manufacturing process.

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