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Keystone Powdered Metal Company – Profile

All the elements that make Keystone a leader in powdered metal manufacturing come by focusing on always doing what we believe is "right" by our customers, employees, suppliers, and our communities. We have followed this philosophy since our founding in 1927, and it guides us in every decision.

In practice, it means we deal openly and fairly with our customers, employees, suppliers, and everyone who depends on us to deliver value. Doing business in this manner, we continue building our legacy of supporting our partners, and fostering growth in our communities.

It instills in us the attitude that there is no challenge we cannot meet, as long as we combine our talent to help each other. With a dedicated, skilled workforce, our achievements are second to none. Our exceptional technical and operations teams thrive on supporting your most difficult challenges.

It makes us unafraid to be unique, or to take managed risks to achieve industry firsts. As a one-stop shop that takes full responsibility for the quality of our parts, we blend our own mix to our own material recipes to meet customer specifications, assist with part designs, build our own tools, manufacture the parts to specification, perform secondary finishing operations, and provide assembly and test services under the same roof. With comprehensive press capabilities from 1,650 tons down to 8 tons, we are equipped to handle any product request.

Since 1927, we have pioneered advancements to expand our technical capabilities, all in an effort to create higher-quality, higher-value-added products for our customers. Working with manufacturers of automobiles, appliances, outdoor power equipment, and industrial products, we have met and will continue to meet the escalating challenges as we raise the potential of powdered metal applications.

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