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Powder Metal Products

Diverse Geometries, Diverse Applications, Consistent Quality

Manufacturing with powdered metal produces net shape or near net shape parts with properties comparable to—and in cost and efficiency terms often superior to—their wrought equivalents. Depending on the application and desired final characteristics of the products, we optimize the design, blend the appropriate powder, select the process to achieve the required properties and specifications, perform all secondary operations, complete any necessary assembly, and when necessary, 100% test the product.

With three facilities approaching 650,000 sq. ft. of total manufacturing space, Keystone has the capability to produce virtually any parts suitable for powdered metal. We can provide the full spectrum of powdered metal parts, including self-lubricating bearings, small structural components, sprockets and gears of varying size and complexity—including the world's first high-density powder forged helical gears (7.8 g/cc)—large and complex geometries, and assemblies consisting of powdered metal parts and non-powdered metal parts combined.

Our 80+ years of manufacturing expertise and the inherent advantages of powdered metal apply across product lines:

  • Automotive powertrains (engine, transmission parts)
  • Electric motors (high efficiency, fractional horsepower)
  • HVAC systems
  • Household appliance products
  • Power tools
  • Outdoor power equipment

Whatever your product challenges are, speak with us to discover innovative solutions for your powdered metal parts and products.