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Metal Component Assembly Capabilities

Many Components, One Supplier

Customers often have a need for a single powdered metal component to fit a larger aluminum or steel system. We view that as an opportunity for our capabilities to help streamline their production. By converting most of the components to powdered metal, purchasing what we cannot convert, and assembling the entire system in-house, we provide one source for the finished product.

This approach positions us as an industry leader for delivery of fully assembled systems. As an example, at full volume, our yearly one-way clutch output reaches over 3 million assembled systems.

We offered the first finished, fully assembled PM carrier with P/F pinions ever available to automobile manufacturers. With our capacity and expert capabilities, we can produce multi-component assemblies for a wide range of industries.

Throughout our clean room operations, we perform automated testing to 100% verify correct assembly at every step. Using a series of comprehensive checks, we ensure that each assembly meets our high-quality standards before it leaves our facility.

If sourcing system components from several vendors is causing production issues for you, consider a conversion to powdered metal with Keystone. Make us your single point of contact to increase the quality, efficiency, cost effectiveness, and delivery rate of your critical systems.

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