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Quality Certifications

Powdered Metal Products with Integrity

At Keystone, we make it a priority to earn complete customer faith in the quality of our powdered metal products. We meet this responsibility by consistently providing on-time products that conform 100% to customer requirements.

Keystone Quality Means:

Open and Ethical Communication

Honesty and integrity are key to any business relationship. At Keystone, if a quality issue affects a part we manufacture for you, we bring it to your attention right away, and keep you involved until the root cause is defined and the appropriate corrective actions are put into place.

Reliable Materials

Our key suppliers are ISO 9001 certified. If necessary, we assist them with developing their quality systems to ensure that the proper controls are in place to provide us with a quality product on a timely basis.

Superior Processing

Unlike most in the industry, we purchase elemental powders (i.e., iron, nickel, copper, etc.) and blend our own mixes internally. Our incoming inspection quantifies key material characteristics, and then we tailor blend various lots of material to reduce lot-to-lot mix variation. This translates into more efficient manufacturing, reduced process variation, higher-quality products, and lower costs.

Operator Responsibility

Our employees take ownership of the quality of parts they produce. For every new product, we train and provide our operators with the proper gauging and analysis tools necessary to check any new unique requirements. They are then equipped to monitor the process to verify that the parts meet all customer requirements.

Systematic Testing

Wherever possible, we rely on in-line gauging or Poke-Yoke systems for parts inspection and quality assurance. These systems are further backed by standard in-process control plans and procedures to ensure that all quality specifications and capabilities are being met.

Commitment to Continuous Improvement

All three of our manufacturing facilities are certified for ISO 9001, and IATF 16949.

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