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Purchasing Terms & Conditions

Mutual Respect, Sustainability, Stability, Achievement

In our view, key suppliers are an extension of the Keystone enterprise. Working in large volumes and on intricate assembled systems, we rely on a dedicated supply chain: vendors providing the raw materials, secondary operations, and components for our end products have played a vital role in our enduring success.

Through wise procurement, we stay positioned as an industry pioneer. Mixing our own powder blends allows us to tailor raw materials to our specific manufacturing processes in a way that commercial blends cannot, yielding industry-leading precision and repeatability. We maintain that unique advantage through superior suppliers able to provide large volumes of high-grade elemental and pre-alloyed powders to our exacting specifications. In addition, our expanding assembly capabilities place increased importance on sourcing quality components. Our record of introducing industry-first systems is a testament to the level of service and expertise these vendors offer.

In return, we strive to forge longstanding relationships built on loyalty, cooperation, and communication. We consult with suppliers to implement process improvements, share information and systems knowledge, and collaborate on solutions to complex issues.

With a solid base of suppliers in North America, Europe, and Asia, we search the world for companies that can keep us leading the way on innovation in the powdered metal industry.

Our purchasing documentation outlines the standards for vendor capability, quality, delivery, and conduct. Working together under these terms, we will continue to manufacture innovative, industry-leading products at fair prices for customers while encouraging sustainable supply practices.

PDF Icon Download our Purchase Terms and Conditions, Supplemental Terms and Conditions, Supplier Quality Manual, and Supplier Code of Conduct for further details.

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