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Powder Metal Materials List

Unmatched Metallurgical Expertise

Our production capabilities include a wide range of ferrous materials, plus non-ferrous materials for bearing applications. Manufacturing with ferrous powdered metal materials produces parts that have characteristics very similar to wrought steel, with the benefit of lower cost.

We have the materials and processes to span the full spectrum of finished part requirements. When you provide us with your component needs, we tap our metallurgical expertise to select the specific materials and processes to meet your operating specifications.

The Metal Powder Industries Federation (MPIF) is the authority on materials used in powdered metal manufacturing. Their conventional materials standards outline the properties for various grades used.

We support the majority of MPIF grades, and we offer exclusive proprietary materials and processing options to meet specific requirements. By manufacturing our own powder blends optimized for our processes, we create material systems engineered to exceed the MPIF standards.

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