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Powder Metal Secondary Operations

Beyond Press and Sinter

Economical powdered metal manufacturing produces a net shape part. Still, secondary operations are often necessary to meet customer requirements for the increasing variety of product applications. Sintered components can undergo the same secondary operations as wrought or cast parts. Also, certain powders support green machining, allowing us to add features to the compacted "green" part before sintering. Powdered metal parts from Keystone maintain full integrity after any finishing processes.

With experienced operators and exclusive automated equipment, we can perform the full range of secondary operations in-house, to tight tolerances. When necessary, we also offer these services through our partnerships with well-equipped and skilled suppliers.

As the single source responsible for all phases of production, we keep your costs down, improve delivery times, and provide one point of contact to ensure overall quality and performance.

At Keystone, our secondary operations include:

  • Turning
  • Drilling
  • Honing
  • Grinding
  • Burr removal
  • Milling
  • Surface treatments
  • Green machining

In addition, we are one of a select few powdered metal manufacturers with in-house capabilities for heat treating and bonding operations.

We have an established reputation for providing valued-added services and exceptional quality. Call on us to experience what a one-stop shop full of knowledgeable professionals will mean for your bottom line.