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Product Overview

Sprockets require precise tooth profiles, high core strength, and exceptional wear characteristics to allow for maintenance-free, low-noise, high-efficiency chain drives. Powdered metal is a proven cost-effective manufacturing process for sprockets, delivering net-shape parts in a wide range of sizes, tooth shapes, and complex geometries with little or no machining. The ability to tailor materials and processes for high-density sprockets leads to optimized weight-to-strength ratios and enhances application possibilities.

Some of the most trusted power equipment, cars, and trucks in the market today rely on Keystone sprockets for enduring, flawless operation of their chain-driven systems.

Applications Specifications
  • Engine timing systems, both roller chain and inverted tooth
  • Automatic transmissions
  • Transfer cases
  • Chainsaws and other outdoor power equipment
  • Up to 8" in diameter
  • Up to 2" in length
  • Less than 2 lbs

Secondary operations to meet customer requirements and tolerance specifications include machining, grinding, polishing, heat treatment (induction and conventional), and tumbling (for burr removal).

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